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eCSI Hacker Playground

The eCSI Hacker Playground is an online competition, available globally for penetration testers, IT security experts and all the candidates, who like challenging themselves and would like to learn more about exciting vulnerabilities based on real-life examples. Black Hat USA 2015 conference participants can receive on-site technical support at BalaBit booth #566 during the exhibition days, 5-6 August 2015 in Las Vegas.

You can register for the eCSI Hacker Playground competition until the end of the game (9 August 2015) individually. Employees of the organizers – BalaBit and Silent Signal – may also register for the competition but will not be awarded.

The competition starts July 31, 2015 at 12am Las Vegas time and ends August 9 at 12am Las Vegas time. All registered competitors will be informed via e-mail about the start, and other useful information will also be shared in e-mail as well. If organizers see the competitors need help for the next step, they will be informed via e-mail, too.

During the game (1-9 August 2015) registration is also accepted, your access code will be sent via email within 24 hours.

How to win the eCSI Hacker Playground game

The game is simple:

  1. Gain remote access to the target servers
  2. Elevate your privileges
  3. Submit user and administrative level proofs

There are four target machines with increasing difficulty to crack. You can decide in which order you'd like to solve them. Solutions don't require brute-force, you have to only use your brain to make progress. You can get points by submitting randomly generated proofs from the cracked machines. The first player who reaches the most points will win the game.

Another special price is offered for the Best Backdoor. You should implement a solution for persistent access to (at least) one of the targets and document what you did. The backdoor doesn’t have to survive VM reverts. The Best Backdoor writeup will be chosen by the organizers.

Finally, National Heroes – players who reach the highest score first in their county, will also be awarded with special prizes. Eligible countries for the National Hero Prize are: US, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, Poland and Hungary. In other countries, the best player of the country will receive a “National Hero of the eCSI Hacker Playground” certificate.

Read more below How to get scores

Contact us during the eCSI Hacker Playground

During the contest you can contact the organizers for technical support at the e-mail address or in person at the BalaBit booth #566 at BlackHat USA.

How to get scores

You get scores by submitting proofs. Proofs can be read from the proof.txt files located under the home directories (on *nix) or on the Desktop (on Windows) of the corresponding users. User level proofs worth 100 points, administrative level proofs worth 200 points. You can follow the progress of the game on our Scoreboard.

Backdooor writeups should be sent in plain text of PDF format to until 16 August 12:00 am PT Las Vegas time so that you have a whole week after the game to complete your documentation.

Rules of the eCSI Hacker Playground
Attacking hosts outside the provided network ranges is forbidden!

It is also possibly illegal. This is especially true for the Scoreboard. You definitely don't want to waste your 0-days on us!

Don't waste the targets resources!

Don't attract unnecessary attention, work like a real BlackHat ;) Deliberate DoS attempts, ARP poisoning or deface will result in permanent ban.

Don't be destructive!

Keep in mind that this is just a game. Be fair and don't obstruct the work of others. The targets are reverted periodically to their original state, so you won’t be able to cause much trouble anyway.

Be creative!

The eCSI Hacker Playground is designed for you. It’s not only a cool game where you can legally practice your existing hacking knowledge, it also helps you to develop your skills to protect your network against the latest threats. “Practice makes the master” – so be brave and try new methods.

Securing our Future

We all work on to make the world a safer place. It is important to keep yourself up-to-date and participate in refreshing trainings. You never know when the world will need your help in the future.

Attend our free IT Security training series to became an eCSI Officer

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proof submission_

By successfully accomplishing the eCSI Hacker Playground you will have the chance to achieve even more.

Results and awards announcements:
12 August, 2015 for the First, Second and Third place winners and National Heroes.
24 August 2015 for the Best Backdoor solution (as they have an extra week to send us the documentation to , until 16 Aug.)

For the best players of the eCSI Hacker Playground, the adventure starts now!

  • The Winner Prize
    Winner #1
    The prize for the first place is to travel* and participate at Black Hat Europe 2015 in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands between 10-13 November, 2015.
    *We cover the cost of your travelling up to $1200.
    Winner #2
    The second best player wins a 64GB iPad Air 2
    Winner #3
    The third best player wins a Lego Mindstorms EV3 31313.
  • National Heroes
    National Heroes – players who reach the highest score first in their respective county, will also be awarded with a special certificate. In certain countries, National Heroes will win an admission ticket to one of the biggest IT Security festivals in Eastern Europe, Hacktivity and accommodation during the conference. Eligible countries for the National Hero Prize are: US, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, Poland and Hungary. In other countries, the best player of the country will receive a “National Hero of the eCSI Hacker Playground” certificate.
  • Best Backdoor Solution
    Award for the best backdoor solution is a 13-inch MacBook Air. Since we require a write-up to select the winner of this category, we also give you an extra week after the end of the game to work on your documentation and email us in txt or pdf to
  • Prize to All Participants
    By successfully accomplishing all levels of the eCSI Hacker Playground, you have already contributed to making the world a better place. Every competitor will be awarded with an eCSI Hacker Playground Certification honoring their successful completion this competition.